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Belém, in the river zone is inwardly connected to the Age of Discoveries, as the ships used to embark from there into the Portuguese adventures.    
Nowadays, it is a wide area, with all-embracing gardens and majestic monuments, like Jeronimos Monastery, the Discoveries Monuments, Belem Tower, Cultural Center of Belem and Vieira Portuense Street.    
Chasing the knowledge about Iberian culture and Portuguese History, keep on this Lusiad adventure and come visit the National Coach Museum, where you´ll be pleased to see the most picturesque carriages bearing wealth and telling us the most captivating exciting trips and stories.    
While you are deeply falling in love with this illuminated city by the nymphs of the Tejo (Tagus) River, take a pause for a gastronomic tasting of the Pastéis de Belém (traditional pastry).   


Experience and get to know ancient Lisbon by the River, enjoying the nice ambiance and beautiful landscape of Belem.    
Travel to the modern of Parque das Nações, site of the EXPO ’98, where you may visit the 2nd best Aquarium in the world – the Oceanarium.


All locals featured in our tours have been previously evaluated, being guaranteed its accessibility for reduced mobility conditions.


Jeronimos Monastery
The Monastery, declared a National Monument in 1907 and classified as “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO in 1983, is one of the most iconic monuments in Lisbon.    
The monument was once a burial place for kings and poets, turning, throughout its five centuries of existence, into a monument admired by everyone and considered a remarkable piece of architecture and Portuguese culture and identity.

National Coach Museum
One of the best known and more visited museums in Lisbon, once held a collection of 29 vehicles, dress uniforms and accessories used by the Royal Family.    
From 1910 this collection has been increasing with vehicles that once belonged to the Crown, the Patriarchate and some Aristocratic Houses and is, nowadays, considered unique in the world including vehicles from the 17th to the 19th centuries.

One of the most visited sites in Portugal, the Oceanarium was inaugurated in 1998 when Lisbon hosted the World Exhibition. The space was to immortalize the connection between Lisbon and the Ocean becoming a national and international reference.    
As a huge aquarium, the Oceanarium has in its waters um large number of different species and takes on educational activities as well as scientific investigation to preserve the biodiversity in the sea and the sustainable development of the oceans.

9 Seats    
7 Seats + 2 Wheelchairs    
5 Seats + 4 Wheelchairs
Departure and Arrival: To be advised

Duration of the Tour: 08h00
Price includes:
Guide and Driver
Morning and Afternoon Snacks
Admission to the Museums and Monuments






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