Social and Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to promote sustainable development, and to leave a positive mark on society. Our goal is to seek for a green impact on the environment and, to achieve it, we combine the principles of sustainable development into our business conduct.
We believe that sustainability and environmental responsibility include the success of the business from a broader perspective, encompassing long-term results. Thus, we consider that our social responsibility reflects the concern in complying with all relevant legislation, maintaining the high level of good practice, ensuring better risk management and being prepared for future legislation.We seek to create products with the lowest environmental impact possible and taking into account the reduction of costs, so that both, our workplace and the destinations we promote, keep securily protected.
We intend to encourage our customers to choose more sustainable travel options, motivating the achievement of activities to protect the ecosystems where we operate.
We intend to manage the risks into an ecological level and continually improve environmental performance through the prevention of pollution and minimizing the negative impacts.


Project 2150 - Internationalization of the Company's Activity
Project 042084 - Expansion of the Company's Activity in International Markets