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弊社概要 Condições Gerais

Condições Gerais

Proporcionar serviços de qualidade aos nossos clientes, indo ao encontro das suas necessidades e expectativas, independentemente da sua condição de saúde, que viaje, para e em Portugal, que pretenda condições de bem-estar, conforto, segurança, lazer, acessibilidade e continuidade dos seus tratamentos



TourismForAll Unipessoal Lda.
Rua Vale de São Martinho nº1
2710 - 402 Sintra
NPC: 510809766
Capital Social: 150.000 €
RNAVT: 4227


The responsibility of the Tour Operator towards in respect of travel under this program and in relation to the obligations assumed, is guaranteed by the Liability Insurance of the company Liberty Seguros, through the Policy n.º 095 / 00235294.
1. Object
1.1) The present contractual General Conditions intend to establish the terms and conditions that govern the provision of services organized by TourismForAll Unipessoal Lda., with head office at Rua Vale de São Martinho nº1, Sintra, tax number510809766, with social capital of € 150.000 (one hundred and fifty thousand euros), with the National Register of Travel Agencies and Tourism nº 4227 (henceforth designated by TourismForAll), in addition to any Special Conditions agreed between the Customer and TourismForAll.
1.2) The terms of section 23. “Special Conditions?”, if any, prevail over the dispositions of the General Conditions, prevailing over both any additional written stipulations and specially agreed between the Customer and TourismForAll.
1.3) The services are offered to the Customer under the terms and conditions herein expressed.
 1.4) When hiring from TourismForAll, the Customer acknowledges and accepts all terms and conditions set forth.
1.5) If the Customer hires specialized services, the stipulated additional conditions expressed in section 23. “Special Conditions” shall be respected.
1.6) All information presented by TourismForAll, including promotions and other, are dependent on availability at time of booking.
2. Enrolment
2.1) At the act of the enrolment, the Customer shall pay 40% of the hiring price, and will pay the remaining 60% up to 21 (twenty-one) days before the start of the service / journey.
2.2) If the hiring takes place within 21 (twenty one) days or less from the starting date of the service / journey, the total price shall be paid at the enrolment act, although the guarantee of obtainment of all services shall be conditioned by the suppliers confirmation. 
2.3) For any change to the service / journey enrolment requested by the Customer, TourismForAll reserves the right to charge a fee as foreseen at paragraph 3.1 (below).
2.4) TourismForAll can cancel any enrolment which has not been payed according to the above conditions.
3. Bookings
3.1) For each booking there will be charged booking expenses, according to TourismForAll latest price list. This price list is available to the Customer, as well as, the booking fees charged by the services providers, if they exist.
The Customer is still obliged to pay all cancellation charges according to Section 8 of these General Conditions, should he give up the service / journey.
3.2) The standard form regarding the service / journey booking must contain all necessary information so that its processing may take place.
3.3) The prices mentioned at paragraph 3.1. are due for each booking request, services request or goods and products supply; and they will be charged to the Customer once he accepts the booking request, the service request or the goods and products supply presented by TourismForAll.
3.4) The prices mentioned at paragraph 3.1. will not be refunded to the Customer in case of non-use / usufruct of the service or good, as well as, for any other reason that may not chargeable to TourismForAll.
4. Traveling Price Changes
4.1) TourismForAll reserves the right to up to twenty (20) days before the traveling date, to change the price of the journey, if this increase is due to variations in transport costs or fuel costs; if it is due to rights, taxes or chargeable fees, or to currency fluctuations. Any change must be communicated to the Customer.
4.2) The price change shall be calculated proportionally according to the fluctuations of the factors prices that caused this change.
4.3) According to the law, the disagreement with the increasing of travelling costs allows the Customer to cancel the traveling enrolment. Although, and according to the terms and conditions set out in section 12. “Compliance Impossibility”, the cancellation may imply payment expenses.
5. Refunds
5.1) After the service / journey has begun, there is no due to refund for any unused services by the Customer.
5.2) The failure in providing services included in the program, for reasons that are not chargeable to TourismForAll and if not possible to be replaced for similar ones, allows the Customer to be refunded with the amount resulting from the difference between the price of the planned services and the ones actually provided, except in the predicted situation to General Conditions paragraph 12.4.

6. Cessation of Registration
6.1) The Customer may transfer his enrolment to someone, as long as the other person fulfils all the service / journey required conditions, as long as, TourismForAll is notifies in writing with at least 7 days in advance so that the different suppliers of TourismForAll accept the substitution.
6.2) In the case of cruises and long distance flights, the deadline mentioned above will be of 15 days. 
6.3) The assignor and the transferee are jointly responsible for the price payment of the enrolment transfer, as well as for any additional costs arising out of this cessation.
7. Airport Taxes and VAT Tax
7.1) The payment of airport taxes must be made by the Customer upon the travel purchase, or at the airports that required it. This value may vary according to destination. Whatever the case, at the travel enrolment act, TourismForAll will inform the Customer on how these taxes can be paid.
7.2) The VAT applicable on the date of travelling is included on the presented price.
8. Cancellations
8.1) At any moment the Customer may give up the service / journey by written communication, although it will be obliged to pay all charges that the cancellation implies, and also and under legal terms, to a value that can go up to fifteen percent of the price in question.
8.2) Whenever appropriate, the Customer will be refunded with the amount resulting from the difference between the amount already paid and the amount mentioned at paragraph 8.1 (above).
9. Changes
9.1) Whenever an enrolled Customer wishes to change his enrolment to another journey, or to the same journey but at a different date, or to another service, or any other possible changes, and if the travel suppliers or the service suppliers allow it, the Customer should pay a fee, which is seen as change costs.
9.2) When the change happens with 21 (twenty one) days or less in advance to the departing date or to the planned service for which the Customer is enrolled, or if the service suppliers do not accept this change, the Customer is subject to the fees and charges according to section 8. “Cancellations”.
9.3) For each change (names, dates, apartment typology or room, etc.), it will be charged a non-refundable tax fee according to a price list available to the Customer for consultation.
9.4) After the service / journey has begun, if changes to the hired services are requested for reasons not chargeable to TourismForAll, the services prices may not correspond to those shown in the document that led to the initial service hiring.
10. Complaints
10.1) Complaints will only be considered if submitted in writing within a deadline not exceeding twenty (20) days after the end of the hired service.
10.2) Complaints can only be accepted as long as they have been communicated to the services providers (hotels, guides, local agents, technicians, etc.) during the course of the journey or stay, and always according to the  submission of documents supporting the event.
10.3) Failure to submit the complaint and its documents on time, it is a cause to exonerate TourismForAll from any liability.
10.4) If the complaint is due to a breach of the hired services, the Customer can still trigger the foreseen bail according to the law. To do so, the Customer should present the complaint to the “Turismo de Portugal, I.P.” within twenty (20) business days after the end of the hired service.
11. Readjustments
11.1) Whenever there are substantiated reasons to justify it, TourismForAll can change the set out program conditions, namely; the order of the route, the departures schedule, the health care and/or hygiene or well-being and aesthetics services schedule; as well as, the replacement of the initially foreseen accommodation for any other of similar category and at similar location.
11.2) If unforeseen circumstances obliged TourismForAll to suspend the journey, the Customer will always be entitled to the refund of the amount already paid.
12. Impossibility of Fulfilment
12.1) If by facts not chargeable to TourismForAll, TourismForAll is unable to fulfil some essential hired service foreseen in the program, the Customer is entitled to give-up the hired package with total and immediate refund of all paid amounts. Alternatively, the Customer can accept a change to the services with consequent change in price.
12.2) If those facts not chargeable to TourismForAll determine the cancellation of the hired service / journey, the Customer can choose to participate in another journey or activity by accepting an amendment to the sign contract with possible price variation.
12.3) If the replacement service / journey is of lower price, the Customer will be refunded with the remaining amount.
12.4) No services refund is due to the Customer, who according to his will, has chosen not to use the services at his disposal.
13. Minimum of Participants
13.1)TourismForAll has the right to cancel the hired service / journey if the number of participants is less than the minimum required. In such a situation, the Customer will be informed in writing with at least 8 days in advance and thus exonerating TourismForAll from any responsibility due to the cancellation.
14. Conditions for Children
14.1) Given the diversity of conditions applied to children – depending on age, service provider and traveling dates –, it is recommended to always ask about the “Special Conditions” (section 23.) that may exist, and to each, it will be provided the appropriate information to satisfy these specific needs. Therefore, these situations will be subject to customized analysis and information.
15. Documentation
15.1) The Customer must have in good order and updated all personal or family documentation  – identity card or citizen card, authorizations for minors, passports, visas, vaccines and other certificates that might be required. The Customer is also responsible for meeting the deadlines to acquire them, if needed. 
15.2) TourismForAll declines all direct or indirect responsibility related with the refusal of granting visas to the Customer, or with the denial of him to enter in any country. In such situations, the conditions of traveling cancellation (section 8.) apply, and thus, the Customer is also responsible for all expenses that this situation may entail.
15.3) Foreign Customers must have the needed documentation – passport, visa, residence permit, etc. –, to travel or to transit within the European Union.
15.4) For journeys totally or partially outside the European Union, there may be necessary visas or another kind of special documentation; therefore, the Customer must always consult the countries embassies or consulates included in the planned travel.
15.5) If not included in the traveling package, it is recommends to the Customer to acquire a travel insurance and medical insurance.
16. Limitation of Liability
16.1) TourismForAll acts only as intermediate between Customers and Companies or persons called upon to provide the programs listed services such as, airlines, hotels, car rental companies, etc.
Therefore, TourismForAll declines all responsibility for deficiency in any of the provided services, such as, damages, injuries, accidents, delays or irregularities that may occur during the journey, stay or service; or that may affect the Customer, his luggage or his property.
17. Responsibility
17.1) The responsibility of TourismForAll, and resulting out of accepted obligations, is guaranteed by “Companhia Liberty Seguros” Liability Insurance with the Policy n.º 095 / 00235294, and according to law.
18. Use of Customer Information
18.1) TourismForAll will not process data related with the Customer´s name, address and other information, except the one foreseen at the General Conditions.
18.2) TourismForAll can automatically process data related to the Customer’s request – administrative support, statistical support and future presentation of new proposals, unless if the Customer does not authorize this data processing, which can be communicated by any means during the service hiring.
18.3) According to law, the Customer has the right to access his data and possible data rectification.
19. Compensation
The Customer is obliged to indemnify TourismForAll or its suppliers and partners, for all damages arising from breach of the foreseen duties of the General Conditions, including attorneys’ fees and court costs.         
20. Payment and VAT
20.1) The Customer may pay for TourismForAll services and other kind of purchases through debit card, credit card, cash, bank transfer, certified vouchers or certified check.
20.2) The prices shown in the programs already include VAT (value-added tax).
21. Confidentiality
TourismForAll is obliged to maintain secrecy and confidentiality about all Customer’s data and all documents that may had access during the service hiring. This secrecy and confidentiality is extended to all workers, employees or third parties that were involved in the service hiring.

22. Disposals “per se”
22.1) If any part or disposal of the General Conditions were to be considered null or without effect, the remaining disposals will maintain and will not affected its overall validity unless, if it were possible to conclude that both sides had not agreed on the hired service, and both sides had foreseen the nullity or ineffectiveness of this particular disposal.
22.2) All arising disputes out of interpretation or enforcement of this Agreement, shall be settled in the Judicial District of West Lisbon-Sintra, with express waiver of any other.

23. Special Conditions 
23.1) The General Conditions may be complemented by any other Specific Conditions, if rightly agreed by both sides and in particular, if they relate to the hiring of specialized services.
23.2) The remaining Special Conditions (section 23.) will be included in a submitted document or in the program for each destination and journey.
24. Access to Court
 In accordance with the law n ° 144/2015 of September 8, we inform that the Client can use the following entities of Alternative Resolution of Consumer Litigation: the Ombudsman of the Client of the Travel and Tourism Agencies in; The Portuguese Tourism Arbitration Commission in, or one of the entities duly indicated in the list provided by the Directorate General of Consumers in, whose consultation is already advised.





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