About Us

We are a Travel Agency and Tour Operator specialized in Accessible Tourism.
As a travel agency we want to offer our clients a service of excellence, trust and professionalism. As a tour operator, we believe that all people regardless of their physical condition, mobility, or among others, have the opportunity to be tourists and enjoy the best of their visit to Portugal.
Tourism is for everyone and we provide the best experiences, with the best services to our customers.


Our Mission

To guarantee quality services to any person with or without dependence, who wishes to travel to Portugal or another country, with maximum comfort, security, accessibility, enjoying a unique experience.  

Our Values


To recognize and value the honesty, dedication and loyal relationship of our staff with clients, families, partners and all those interested in TourismForAll.


We act as a positive changing agent, with a future-orientated strategy, adjusted to the market opportunities that might arise within our business environment. This will also contribute to the innovation and to increase the productivity through a motivated staff with strong values and a controlled management.


By understanding all of our clients needs we believe that our staff will make your stay unique and unforgettable.


Our strong convictions of solidarity and respect apply to all those, that benefit from our services and support activities at TourismForAll.


Ensure that our staff is highly skilled with the necessary know-how in this field, as well as with ethical and moral values that enable quality interventions.


We treat each person as an independent and unique individual, promoting the development of their own skills in order to meet their personal needs, providing high quality welfare services and improving their quality of life.

Project 2150 - Internationalization of the Company's Activity
Project 042084 - Expansion of the Company's Activity in International Markets