The Portuguese cuisine shows Mediterranean as well as Atlantic influences, as is visible in the amount of fish traditionally consumed. The Mediterranean Diet was classified as World's Intangible Cultural Heritage at the 8th session of UNESCO's Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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This awarded diet is a fusion of several rituals, skills, understandings, symbols and traditions related to the cultures and the various processes of conservation and cooking conception. 

Deep inside, is the sea that gives the most striking feature of Portuguese cuisine, where we have a wonderful opportunity to taste the freshest grilled fish, or the finest seafood that abounds all along the coast.

Regarding to meat dishes, surely we advise the Portuguese stew that reflects the ecstasy of flavors resulting in a perfect combination of meats, vegetables and assorted sausages, cooked succulently. Portugal has indeed superb DOP meats from north to south, either veal, pork or lamb.

The Portuguese gastronomy represents above all a moment of exchange of emotions, an approach to family and friends, where the values of hospitality, courtesy, intercultural dialogue and creativity speak louder.

Being a lifestyle guided by respect for diversity, it can find the ultimate trilogy of bread, wine and oil. For each snack there is a Portuguese ideal wine. 

Finally, as it couldn't be left out, a meal couldn't be complete without it being combined with the ideal cheese and a portuguese conventual pastry.
Definitely will not want to miss this experience, that stands out as a true ode of heaven tastes!
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