It was from the 19th century that in Portugal, infrastructures and activities began to develop in an organized way in order to attract people, starting the process that would give rise to the emergence of tourist destinations. Like the thermal resorts that, in the middle of the 19th century, were already the main center of attraction for the national bourgeois classes who were looking for them either for the cure of their pathologies or for rest and distraction.

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Portugal takes advantage of something that has set it apart for centuries, its privileged location on the map, the fact that it has the best beaches in the world, picturesque rural contexts that reflect so well the Lusitanian nature, as well as the great diversity of offers in the most cosmopolitan areas. 
For being the European country with the oldest borders in Europe, it is possible to guarantee a high experience and knowledge about what this Lusitanian land has to offer. This factor combined with a wide variety of historical influences of the several people that have lived here, such as Romans, Visigoths, Moors and so on, gives Portugal a vast knowledge in the various segments that can provide our tourists with unique and accessible experiences, both culturally, leisurely, gastronomic, well-being and even medical and health.
Over the years Portugal has become a great asset when selecting a vacation spot, because it is one of the safest countries in the world (9th place according to the Global Peace Index). It is also important not to forget to mention that Portugal is famous for its hospitality and known for the friendliness of its people, which in turn results in many tourists loyally returning for consecutive years.
Portugal can be proud of having reached, already in the distant eighties, a place among the 15 largest tourist destinations in the world, being a founder member of the World Tourism Organization since it was the third country in the world to create its tourism organization.
Portugal with the cultural and landscape diversity of its territory provides an infinite amount of scenarios of pure beauty. Its dimension and configuration, together with the mobility conditions, provide moments of leisure where the route is always different and more surprising than the previous one!
Countless personalities from our history have passed through here, who transport us to stories of our childhood!
Discover Heritage monuments.
The purity of the groundwater that emerges at the surface, heated and mineralogically enriched, gives it unique therapeutic property, which you can see through the numerous thermal equipment!
As a complement to the health and well-being offer, enjoy the existing Spa equipment, where the main objective is to provide rest to body and mind!
The mountains guarantee to visitors the most beautiful landscapes of Central Portugal with an infinity of colors and sounds of nature very evident in each trail and in each levada walked! The gastronomy and the wines of excellence are tasted with pleasure.
All these heritages can be found in portuguese villages, towns, monuments and traditions that over the years have absorbed the various historical influences that portuguese people applied with creativity. And the sea, always so present, also shaped our personalities and tooked us beyond the European continent, allowing learning and sharing with the rest of the world.
Set out to discover a diverse territory.
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